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AS Green Cube Innovations is a privately owned energy company with headquarters in Oslo. We are a proud and dedicated distributor of both biofuel and fossil fuel through our two brands Eco-1 and Automat 1.

Automat 1 is owned by Blue Energy AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of AS Greencube Innovations.

Automat 1 operates a chain of gas stations strategically located in the southern parts of Norway, from Arendal to Hamar, with the highest concentration of stations in Oslo and surrounding areas with high private and commercial traffic.

Automat 1 has taken on the role of price suppressor in the fuel market. With a fully automated distribution network and our 37 unmanned stations selling gasoline and diesel, we cover 53% of Norway's population.

You can read more about Automat 1 here.

Eco-1 Bioenergi AS is one of Norway's leading specialists in renewable diesel and bio heating oil. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of AS Green Cube Innovations and is based in Oslo.

Eco-1 supplies renewable diesel and bio heating oil. Our renewable diesel is used, among other things, on cars, buses, trucks, ferries and boats, as well as at construction sites and in the agricultural sector. We also supply renewable bio heating oil to private homes and commercial buildings. Renewable bio heating oil cuts local emissions and is an excellent substitute for fossil heating oil. Bio heating oil is also permitted after the ban on fossil heating oil comes into force on 1 January 2020.

We are proud to offer renewable substitutes for fossil diesel and fossil heating oil. All our products are certified which means they have a proven climate benefit.

You can read more about Eco-1 and our products and services here.

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